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Weaving In The Woods | Ekho Collective CIC Guest Blog Post

Over this spring and summer, we weaved magic in EKHO woods with families from the local area.

The installations have been admired and enjoyed by over 140 people at the Hawbush family days, where participants in the project showcased their work with pride.

Three craft connection sessions gave us time and space together to build community and social connection as we learned the art and process of weaving. There was a real beauty in the collaborative approach, chatting and laughing and getting to know each other as the installations developed their shape and form throughout the changing seasons.

Four large scale weaving frames were developed with different weaving materials including recycled fabric, raw wool, foliage and yarn. There was an invitation to explore the techniques and materials, on both the large-scale installations and smaller scale individual projects for the families to take home. Everyone enjoyed the experience, which evaluated well and showed the desire for similar sessions in the future.

Both our questionnaire and verbal feedback have confirmed that everyone involved felt an increased sense of community, made friendships and grew in confidence. Fulfilling all the outcomes of the 5 ways to Wellbeing: Each of our sessions started with a short mindfulness-based relaxation practice to ground us into the natural space and bring us together as a community.

It was great to see that the weaving processes became hobbies for some participants, carrying on the weaves at home and sharing their creations with the others in the projects.

The level of engagement at the showcase events at the Family Days was outstanding with people of all ages eager to have a go at weaving and enjoying the simplicity of creating something from sticks, recycled yarn and other natural materials.

Gratitude to James from In Rainbows Photography for capturing the magic of the events and to everyone involved for making it such a wonderful and inspiring project.

Clare Deb and Erika- EKHO Collective

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