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Hannah + Laura | Bakewell + Mount Pleasant Farm | Handfasting Photography

Oh silly rain! You tried to get us! You tried so hard but you couldn’t keep it up, could you! These two forces of nature out- shone your miserable wetness. Yes, you took a bride down to the ground, into the muddy depths of hell. But her new wife was there to laugh and insist a photo was taken, before helping her back onto her boots.

After 11 years of loving, Hannah and Laura proper tied the knot and did it their way!

I’ll paraphrase their amazing wedding invite -

‘We can’t get everyone in the Town Hall ceremony as they’re strict as fuck on the numbers but once the legal bollocks has finished we’ll be heading to Bill and Emilys for the hippy shit so bring a sarnie and a brolly. Handfast, surrounded by lambs and goats, then cake. Then tractor driving lessons, pet some donkeys, fish and chips then everyone needs to go cause we have to bugger off the campsite by 10 in the morning’.

Under the sun, rain and dramatic clouds, these two beauts literally tied the knot on Mount Pleasant at their friends, Bill and Emily’s super cool and rustic Glamping site on Mount Pleasant Farm in Ashbourne!

Plus, I caught a fisherman on camera, falling over and throwing his rod over someone's garden gate during the couple shots! Which is very good luck for newly weds! Handfasting photography rocks!xx