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Cat + John | Dunsley Hall + Harleys of Kinver, Kinver | Wedding Photography

Not a day goes by that I don't shed a tear for this wedding! Why, oh why didnt I bring tupaware!! When will I learn? When?So much cake and curry I cry!!!

What a wedding!

Sun fell from the sky like actual sun and everyone's faces smiled like a cat from Cheshire.

Our Cat, from Stourbridge, looked bloody rock n roll lovely, all day long! Getting ready at home with all her babs, surrounded by her plants and the close proximity of her purring cats, with her ridiculously amazing wedding flowers (Winnie and Olive) adding even more vibrance to the setting.

These girls expertly sorted their own make up but pulled in hair extraordinaire Joli Jarvis for duties of the Barnet Fair. With the bride and her girls looking out of this world and totes amazeballs, it's off to do the deed we go. Thomas Robinson Building here we come, bab!

Here we have John and his gang of merry men, all looking like they've fallen from the sky and hit every panache riddled cloud on the way down (thats a good thing)

Then, what we all suspected might happen, happenend. A wedding happened and it was beautiful. I don't know who Thomas Robinson is but he built a stunning room for a wedding and I'd like to let him know ,so hopefully he may read this one day. We had beautiful vows written by the love birds and a quirky little poem about dinosaur love, read by the maid of honour, Harriet.

Dunsley Hall! Where have you been all my life?!?! What a beaut of a wedding venue!

After the confetti decided to show up, having been on a half hour tour of god knows where, bums were seated and the most delish afternoon tea was served. Is there anything sexier than a pot of tea and cake? Quite a lot, I hear you say, you filthy sex pests!

After some of the finest and funniest speeches ever to enter the wedding hemisphere, Cat and John were accompanied to their first dance by the Bhangra Smash Up band for the most energetic first dance I ever did see! Blimey, I was sweating just watching, although I was actually dancing too.

Just as string fiddllers, The Strumtroopers, the second act in this top notch line up, were getting set up, the gates of food heaven opened and Harleys of Kinver truly delivered!! Indian buffet styley - get the f in !!!!

Anyhow, here's the photos. Love you xx