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John + Mari | Faenol Estate, Bangor | Wedding Photography.

This wedding was amazing! My mom was there!.....and the rest of my family! They gate-crashed!

This is John (my cousin) and Mari's wedding in Wales. They had a quick do for the official bit at Bangor Reg and then it was over to the great barn at the Faenol Estate. They were bloody busy arranging this wedding. The barn was an empty canvas before they started the process of renovation. lamps and lights were borrowed and laminate flooring was brought in for the dance floor. Mari made the bridesmaids dresses with her own hands in a autumnal palette which was the colour theme for the wedding and her own dress was from Gwisgfa in Bangor She also made about 20 miles of amazing bunting (love bunting, love saying it- bun-ting) AND table runners, brownies, pasta and veg pies for the feast that was served alongside the hog roast.

John made two amazing banners that were displayed on the barn wall behind the head table, one for each family, paying homage to their grandfathers. John's dad (Uncle G) made the sweet-cart and Mari's dad made the cake stand and coaster favours/place settings from slate - it was a right dad make-off! The ma's got their bake on, Aunt Marg got her bake-on for the wedding cake and pretty much everybody else got their bake-on.

To keep everything blending and natural, all signage was on slates from the nearby Welsh hills.

For the ceremony, Mari walked down the aisle to "Concerning Hobbit" off Lord Of The Rings, signed the register to "Here Comes The Sun" and walked out to the Doctor Who soundtrack "Song Of Freedom". They had 3 readings - a poem, written especially by Mari's cousin, "The Ent and the Entwife" by Tolkein and a poem from Mari's grandfather, T Glynne Davies.

After the amazing food, speeches and readings it was party times at the barn. Mari loves Welsh music but didn't want to dominate the night with it so they hired a silent disco allowing people to choose their own tunes to get down to.


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