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Lorna + Rob | The Castlefield Rooms and Lock 91, Manchester | Wedding Photography

Say, ooh la la, say zoom, come on come on!

Say, Lorn la la, say zoom, come on come on!

Say, Rob la la, say zoom, come on come on!

It may have been a rainy day in Manchester, but that didn’t stop the rays of light beaming from Lorna, Rob and their gang of beauties and besties! These two loved and partied hard all day and night, looking loved up, cool and stylish, way past last orders. 

After getting ready at home with her girls, Lorna, looking like a billion quid, cabbed it into the big city of Manchester to the Ceremony office, where Rob awaited her, looking as tasty as a chicken dinner!

Words were said, rings were applied, lips were smooched and just like that, they were married!

Next thing you know there’s a smiling and laughing wedding party, walking through the city streets in a delightful drizzle, towards the second venue, the stylish and super classy Castlefields Rooms, where drinks and amazing nibbles were served. The rain came down hard but only the smokers got wet, bless ‘em.

With the help of a wedding guest, a delightful fellow who hadn’t actually met Lorna or Rob, but handled an umbrella like no-one I've seen before, we ventured out and found some shelter from the rain under the bridges of Manchesters canal network for a photo session with the new Mr and Mrs Willcock. 

Next up, another flipping amazing venue: the achingly hip, Lock 91. This place was the perfect venue for a party and boy, did they party hard!! You can tell it's gonna be a good night when the dance floor is bursting way before the first dance, and 7 million quids worth of Dominoes pizza arrives to be placed next to some exceptionally sexy cakes! Bring on another blast at Manchester wedding photography for me, please!

All Flowers by Lorna herself!

Hair - Melissa - Hair at 235

Lorna's dresses - Meshki

Robs suit - Next