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Sammy + Rob | Moxhull Hall, Sutton Coldfield | Wedding Photography.

Sammy's wedding day started with bacon baps and a bit of booze can't argue with that really. I started the day pretty much the same but without the booze and with tomato sauce down me.....great! Joining her at her folks house were award winners Chloe McCall doing make-up and Helena Sinclair doing her hair. She and her home girls then jumped in an old Jag that her pops surprised her with and bombed (within the speed limit) to the fabulous Moxhull Hall. Sammy wore a Justin Alexander dress from The Dressing Rooms and Rob and his boys wore super-hero socks and cufflinks...oh matron!

The ceremony was amazing! Rebecca Kelly Music set the mood for Sammy's entrance and when she laid eyes on her man it. was. tear-drop time!


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